the place to start your Chinese dream

Homevalley is a cross-border enterprises service platform. Located in central business district of Shanghai, Homevalley dedicates its effort to serving global high-end talents with startup base and future college as its core. It enjoys great support from Shanghai municipality with rich resources in government, capital, technology and marketing; meanwhile, with overseas resources and networks in Silicon Valley, New York and Seattle, Homevalley provides professional services on industrial base, training, overseas talents, corporate consultation and investment. Centered in Shanghai, Homevalley commits to help excellent young talents realize their dreams and create an international highland of talents, a place sentimentally attached by overseas returnees who want to start up business and future talents who want to take training courses. Taking " the place to start your Chinese dream" as our aspiration, Homevalley will attract more and more talented youth to make their dreams come true in motherland.

All-round high-quality

resources for start-ups

Expert Mentors

Venture Capital

Government Docking

Market Docking

Startup Training

Startup Space

Funds Partners

Our mentors say


Organizational Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee

Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Shanghai Talent Development Center

Shanghai Yangpu District Government

China(Shanghai)Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs

Association of Thousand Talents Program

Yangpu Service Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Overseas High-level Talents


Contact HomeValley:

TELEPHONE:+86 21 3362 7282

EMAIL:[email protected]

ADDRESS:5th Floor,Building 2,No.200,East Guoding Road. Yangpu District,Shanghai, China

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